Speakers - WNSC 2023

Robin Adams Geiger

  • Designation: Senior Vice President, Clinician Advocacy at Ingenovis Health
  • Country: USA


Dr. Geiger is the Senior Vice President, of Clinician Advocacy at Ingenovis Health. Ingenovis Health is the parent company to portfolio brands (Trustaff, Fastaff, U.S. Nursing Corporation, CardioSolution, HealthCare Support, and VISTA Staffing Solutions). There she leads the ACT Program (Advocacy, Career, Tools) to provide nurses with the tools and resources they need to flourish, advance their careers, and foster their development. Dr. Geiger maintains clinical privileges as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) co-founder/ owner of Ovita Health, PLLC, a concierge-based clinic, located in Gainesville, Florida. In her clinical role, she provides holistic family health, focused on mental and physical well-being, to the uninsured.


Dr. Geiger has an extensive nursing history. She has served as Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for the National University, Vice President of Care & Clinical Services and Chief Privacy Officer for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), and Head Nurse for Veterans Affairs Community Care. She is an Editor-In-Chief for nursing Ethics and Policy and Nurse Practitioner Certification Review with StatPearls publisher. She has published articles, a book chapter, continuing education courses, and presented on multiple healthcare topics. She is passionate about clinician advocacy, health equity, and mentorship. Dr. Geiger lives in Florida with her family and enjoys travel, cooking, and painting.

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