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Gerontological Nursing and Transcultural Nursing

Gerontology Nursing

Gerontology nursing is a specialized branch focusing on the health of older adults from different walks of life, like hospices, nursing homes, residences, and clinics. The primary role of gerontological nurses is to diagnose, assess, treat, and prevent age-related mental and physical conditions such as infections, dementia, and chronic diseases in adults. They advocate for the rights and preferences of older individuals and promote healthy aging.

Transcultural Nursing

Transcultural nursing is a type of nursing specialty that is focused on comparative cultural and global cultures of healthcare. Its main goal is culturally congruent care and needs nurses to identify and respect healthcare differences in beliefs, values, and customs. Transcultural nurses should be well versed in religious aspects and acknowledge how different factors like thought processes, individual’s way of life, and customs can impact their approach to health.

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